Stardew Valley guide for beginner


    Stardew Valley Guide for beginner

    ***Work in Process*** This guide will complete  correctly at 10/4/2016

    This guide aim for first year of play. I’ll introduce your guy to mechanic of the game and things to do in each season. Contact me if you found something wrong here.

    Please Note : This Guide is English version of This some detail in picture and Content will fix soon.


    Farming and Crops In this first season we have lot to do and prepare. For the crop, at first start with Parsnip because it can use in quest in the beginning. Other than that I recommended Green Bean because you can harvest it yields indefinitely and after that you can get more profit by plant Potato instead of Parsnip. Especially potato which double your crops product.


    • Use hoe to till soil to plant seeds for crops and watering by watering can except fruit tree in which you just plant and wait it to grow.
    • Almost all plants can exist only on their respective season. So plan accordingly
    • Get a scarecrow by crafting to…. you know…scare the crow to damage your crops.

    Foraging You can make a lot of profit by explore the land and gather lot of resources to sell. Also repair the bridge so you can get to those shells and corals for a good sum.


    Mining & Crafting

    If you have spare time. Mining for material and crafting.  I recommend Beehouse and Tapper for extra money. Place bee house adjacent to your flowers will make honey more quality. Tapper can place on a maple, oak or pine tree.

    Additional note

    • You can get metal bar like iron or copper bar by throw those 5 respective pieces and coal into furnace.

    tapper beehouse

    For those want to do the quest at Community Center. Read more <<Link here>>. Palican Town

    Fishing  Don’t forget to get the fishing rod for free at the sea. You can buy a new rod it after you get more level on fishing 02_เริ่มเกมต่อ.mp4_001383678

    Prepare for summer. Summer is really good for farming so save some money to buy new seeds and upgrade the Watering can near month-end which help a lot if you don’t want your character to exhaust.


    • If you can’t find Robin’s axe. It’s in the map with the lake. South of the farm. And south east at the bottom.
    • The game will not save until you sleep, so if anything go wrong you can reset the game.
    • Luck also affect your play. When you mining you’ll get thing depend on luck which you can check with Fortune teller program.
    • Watch TV to get food recipes and some tips for the game.


    Want more profit? Plant a lot but at the cost of you won’t get time to do other stuffs like fishing, explore to get use to the game.
    And if you lucky, there are rare fishes which are exclusive in spring. You can get those to do community center quest.

    Tip from Poorin Pitakratananukool
    1.Found lot of Clay by use hoe in the mine.
    2. Almost all plants can exist only on their respective season. So plan accordingly (expect some like Corn which can grow and harvest from summer to fall)
    3.If you don’t want to go to dungeon or plant things, explore for foods or fishing can get your rare treasure chest.
    4. Repair the bridge near the sea is really recommended (use 300 lumbers) because you can get lot of resources from the beach.


    For me, this is the busiest season. You can make a lot of profit and foraging and plant a lot of crops

    Farming I recommended Corn because it can harvest well into fall. Other crops I recommend is fast-growing Hop (which can made into Pale Ale), expensive Blueberry and melon.

    ตัวอย่างการใช้ keg

    Other plants are up for your preference but only Wheat which I think is better for turn into keg for better price. (We can process stuffs by throw it into respective machine you can read about this more >>>here<<<.)

    Making friends If you want to make friends, you can use your own abundance crops to gift to townspeople. (especially that Marine in Marine’s Ranch which you have to do some  quest later.)


    • Mayor has a quest for you which you can see hin short at marine room.
    • If you have spare time. Take quest from townspeople in front of store.


    Fishing Now about fishing which this season have a lot of rare fishes to do Community Center’s quests. I recommend to buy new rod which make you job a lot easier.

    Mining About mining if you digging to level 5 you’ll gain access to Elevator, and it’ll record each 5 levels down, give you quick access later.

    Note: If you want to stay in the mine for long, bring lot of energy foods and be caution if you losing all your health in the mines. You will lose money, items from your inventory and you will forget previous levels you’ve discovered. Check >>this<< for what you’ll find in each floor of mine.

    How to mining

    1. Bring your pickaxe and weapon
    2. Ladder will randomly appear after some digging or destroying monsters but sometime it’ll just appear.
    3. Each 5 level downs you’ll get a elevator
    4. Stones and monsters will randomly appear each time you enter the mine.
    5. First mine have 120 floors.

    As for Artifacts (stuffs that you can donate to library for reward) if you bring them to library you’ll know what they do.


    Foraging   You can do a lot of foraging in this season (such as Grapes or Mushrooms) sometime you get these things from shake the trees (You can tell by checking different color on the trees)

    Animal husbandry  >>read here<<  for more information. Don’t really recommend to do in this season. But here you go.

    Crafting recommendation   Sprinkler will help you about boring watering. I recommend crafting Quality Sprinkler if your farming level reach 6


    Prepare for fall

    At the end of this season. Demetrius will come by your farm and tell you about some research he want to do in which he’ll upgrade you cave to grow fruit or mushroom (pick one).

    If you have spare money I recommend to buy fruit tree like Pomegranate and Apple which take a long time to grow (28 days) and Fruit trees require to be in the center of a 3×3 empty tile square.

    Also you can go to Spa in the mountain which you can gain access after earthquake in this season (don’t recommend this method because its take a lot of time. You can eat energy food instead)


    In summer you can make a lot of money. It’s easy to forget to do something else like make friends, gain relationship, do the quest. And if you have spare time you should unlock Community Center.
    If you lazy you could buying a membership at JojaMart. >>read here<<


    Like summer, you got a lot of things to do in fall.

    Farming  I recommend to plant Cranberry and Grape because these can make into Wine which you can get a really good profit from them.  Also plant some other plants like pumpkin to do quests.

    Foraging you can get Blackberry from foraging which can make into wine or gift them to townspeople because it really easy to find and really cheap to sell, other than that Hazelnut, Wild Plum and other mushrooms can be sold in high price.


    Fishing Don’t forget to Fishing for community center quest. In winter you can’t plant so you’ll have a lot of free time to tending livestock Also build Crab pot if you have high level fishing.

    Animal husbandry Talking about livestock, this season is really make a good start to do (but first get a big bag because you want to have a lot of space in inventory). Build mayonnaise machine and cheese press is recommended to process the product.
    Also build fences and get livestock outside and plant grass to let them eat. I’ll grow to love you more than let them in their cage.


    • More hearts make more quality product
    • If you leave your barn or coop door open. Feed them with grass by glass starter.
    • Fences will get broken all the time. Build a new one to replace.
    • If raining, your livestock will go back to barn.


    Nothing new here. Just leveling up and build stuffs to prepare for winter (Mining a lot to get resource).
    ๐ If Linus request for him basket you can see it  in the map in the east of bus stop.


    You can’t plant in winter so a lot of free time to do other things.

    Foraging  Some items hidden beneath the ground like Snow Yam or Winter root which and be sold at high price.

    Fishing As I recommended to build Crab pot to trap a fish (or just buy it) use by place it in the sea or river and drop a fish food (you can hold a fish food and click on crab pot to retrieve the trapped fish and also drop a fish food in the same time).


    Mining Digging in the mine to 100th floor to get Stardrop which increase your energy and get resource to build things.


    Other things Tending livestock, clear your farm and ferment wine in this season (because it take a long time to do).

    Prepare for next year by plant spring fruit tree like Cherry and Apricot or you can just plant fruit tree for a whole year.


    Winter is all about fishing and mining and preparing for next year.

    Thank you for reading. 



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